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Every body desire to earn online but they can’t do this due to various reasons. Some do not have technical skills and other may have no time. But now you don’t worry about this. We will let you know the 5 Highest paying URL shortener to earn money online. URL shortening is an easy way to earn money online which do not require any such an amazing technical skills and also don’t required so much time. You only need your computer or mobile and internet connection. By using URL shortening websites or services you can shorten the lengthy and sometime ugly website URL to simple easy link. It also do not require any website or blog but if you have one this will be advantage for you.  Your can share your link on different online forums like Social media Facebook , Twitter , Whatsapp, Google+ where  visitors click on that link and some credit will be added to your account depending on your region. How URL shortener works When a visitor click on the shortened link, first the link shortening website or service show advertisement for 5 seconds or more depending on there policy and then they are redirected to desired destination. Some money is added in your account.You bring visitors to there website or service and they pay to you because you have increased there traffic. These visitors will probably become their new users and customers. If possible do not use shortened links on your website because it may irritate your visitors. Payment method Usually payment is made using PayPal. Every URL shortener website or service have different CPM(cost per thousand impressions) .The rate of the CPM also depends on the visitors region who click on that link. So the company and visitor country decide the CPM rate. A good URL Shortener website can pay to their publisher anywhere from $1 to $10 per 1000 views on the shortened URL. They also provide a referral system where if anyone joins using your referral link  then you will be entitled to receive up to 20% commission of their earning. How to earn with URL shortener To earn with URL shortener the most ideal route is to share another person post or article. Discover a portion of the famous articles like viral news site or famous YouTube vedios. Shorten there URL and share on your different platforms. You can share those articles or vedios on your social profiles, discussion or social sharing sites.Visitors love reading trending and viral news, and will click on your shared URL, and you can make money with it. Tricks to gain more traffic through whatsapp Whatsapp is the best platform to share your shortened link with your friends and family but beside that you can share your links with unlimited people on whatsapp.    HOW There are many apps on play store and app store where you can join groups on whatsapp through link. It do not require any acceptance from admin. You can easily download apps from store and join thousands of groups through link and share your shortened link on it. These groups have many members. Join groups as many as possible and share you link time to time to gain traffic.

5 Highest paying URL shortener to earn money

1. Petty Link

Petty Link is one of the Highest paying URL shortener to earn money. Shorten URLs and get money with Petty Link which is outstanding amongst other URL Shortening for earning money on the web. Starting is simple. You have to make an account, shorten your link, and share your shortened URL to begin earning money. Petty is best website to earn extra money. You can earn money in your home just you have to manage and protect your link. Only create an account, shorten links and share it. For every click, you earn money. The payout is as much as $12 per 1000 views. Plus, you can get 21% Referral Bonus. By referring to your friends and receive 21% of their earnings for life. They have very good Administration Panel which allows you to control all of the features with one click of a button. It offers detailed stats you get to know your audience. It has minimum requirement to payout. You need to earn only $5.00 to withdraw cash. Payment method is PayPal. In addition, Petty offers highest rates. Also, it has a committed help group to contact you if you have any inquiries or issues.

2. MiniURl.io

This is another URL shortener to earn money using URL shortening method. This is also simple method, you have to sign up just like other URL shortening services and shorten your links through this site and share that links on different platforms. MiniURL pays up to $12 per 10000 views, just you need to spread shorten URL created through MiniURL.io. There are different country rates for every click. This URL shortening service also include in 5 Highest paying URL shortener to earn money online. You have to shorten a link and share that URL on social sites, forum, blog, etc. and whenever someone clicks that shorten URL and visits the site, you will earn. With their simple and easy control panel, you can manage all your links and track your earnings. There is no such restriction on repeat visitor its mean you can earn each time if someone click on your link more than one time. They pay 20% for referral program, you have to just refer your friend and from their earnings you will be get paid 20% for life. 5$ is minimum payout. You get paid through PayPal and also bank transfer in India.

3. Ouo.io

This is another amazing service for link shortening and due to its cool domain more visitors are attracted as compared to other. So here you have a very good option to earn money using Ouo.io. This service have very good customization option and have advance features. Due to these features it included in 5 best and Highest paying URL shortener to earn money. You can earn up to $8 per 1000 views with Ouo.io. It also counts multiple views from same IP or person. This is the easy way to earn money online through URL shotening service. $5 is minimum payout. On 1st or 15th of the month your earnings are automatically goes to your PayPal or Payoneer account. Ouo.io URL Shortener

4. Linkshrink

Linkshrink is another very good website for link shortening service and Highest paying URL shortener to earn money. It pays 2$ to 5$ and the minimum payout is 5$. Through referral system you can get 10% commission from your referral. It is the best and innovative company which pays good rates to their customers. You can register free and earn money to share your links on internet. As the payout change daily basist.In India the Linkshrink gave the highest CPM, with more than 1$ so for Indian’s this is best. Linkshrink URL Shortener

5. Shorte.st

Shorte.st is another very popular and most trusted URL Shortening Company. Shorte.st comes as a user-friendly URL Shortener Service with many creative options for making money by monetizing the links you share. Shorte.st pays upto $10.82 per 1000 visits. All publishers will receive payments on time. Shorte.st uses PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney as payment methods. Its minimum payment threshold limit is only $5. It is our 5th number Highest paying URL shortener to earn money. For WordPress Bloggers, Shorte.st brings its WordPress Plugin which will help you greatly to boost your earnings. Shorte.st has a low minimum payout of $5. The payment is credited automatically on the 10th of each month. The payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, and WebMoney. It also presents a referral earning opportunity wherein you can earn 20% commission on referrals for a lifetime. Shorte.st URL Shortener


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