Best free android games 2018 | Top 4


Apple OS have a better selection of the games but in the past  few years Google android dramatically change their selection of the games and here we will let you know the best free android games 2018. Lots of games are paid which you can get in free. There are lots of categories but we have chosen some most popular from different categories.


PUBG Mobile is one the most famous online game and best android game. There are 100+ million downloads. Luckily, it’s a completely in a position mobile FPS. It features include simple and effective controls, very good graphics. At the start, 100 fighters drop from a aircraft onto an island and duke it out until most effective one is left alone. In this island there are many equipment, guns, and motors at the side of a mechanic that lowers the play area over time to hold suits from lasting too lengthy. PUBG is the best free android games. Latest updates added new game modes in addition to a premium element. PUBG mobile Lite is a lighter version in which there are few players and has low graphics quality. But this version only run on some devices. This is an online game where you can play with your friend and fellows. Players connected through PUBG can chat with each other. In the game if you get injured your friend can help you by giving you help.PUBG Mobile

2. Dragon Age : Inquisition

Dragon Age : Inquisition is the third installment of the saga of the role-playing game developed by BioWare . Under the influence of fans’ opinion , dissatisfied with many aspects of Dragon Age II , the promoter decided to assimilate the game to the first part of the cycle . At the same time retains some solutions that have worked in the “heel “, not to mention the large handfuls of news. Currently many users are using its android version with proper Dragon Age Inquisition cheats and console commands. Dragon Age : Inquisition takes over the player in the world of Thedas , who after the events of these two previous successes plunged into chaos . Kingdom of Ferelden failed to regain full strength after the invasion of darkspawn (Scourge), which is the main theme of “one” and the empire Orlais is plagued by a civil war . Everywhere on the continent continues conflict Templar with magicians. In the midst of this confusion has just torn the boundary between the world of mortals and the parallel dimension – Empty – leading to the invasion of demons . This poses a new threat that weighs politically independent Inquisition. Dragon Age : Inquisition


Asphalt 9: Legends is another best android game and it is released in 2018. It is very amazing racing game of Gameloft company which is popular for video games. This game also have very good graphics, controls and very best rating of 4.9.  In this game 48 cars available for the players in the game and many cars are from prestigious manufactures. There are different classes of the cars A,B,C,D and S which comprises cars collection and these cars can be use for different type of races in the game. While racing you can boost your car using nitro. There are many levels which are in different countries. Some levels can only be played by using only specific car. Asphalt 9: Legend is the latest game in the asphalt series. You can find the luxuries cars in this game like Porsche, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Audi, Ferrari, and many more.

Pokemon Go was released in 2016 and it breaks all the record of number one android game in the world. It is still best free android games in 2018. It’s actually base on augmented reality. In this game player catches the Pokemon, hit the Pokestops to restocks on items and do fight for gym. This game uses the GPS technology so your movement can trace by the game. Luckily Pokemon Go brings the frequents updates in which new Pokemon added and add the events for limited time. This game also have very good graphics and controls. It is an adventurous game Today we found Pokemon Go on play store is so much different than it was released in 2016. Now we can find a better result of graphics and very good stuff of Pokemon. Pokemon Go


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