How to make money from website | Most easy and effective tips


Making money from website is not a dream now. It is the most common way people use to make money online. But this technique is not so easy. Don’t worry! I’ll let you know the tricks and strategies to make money from website in very limited time. First you need to make your own website. You will buy domain name and hosting for your website. There are lot of companies and website which are offering web hosting in very cheap rates e.g Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, HostGator etc but in these sites Namecheap is one of best due to its low rates. You can easily buy an ordinary domain name in just $2-$3 and .com domain up to $10.

How to buy domain and hosting to make                     money from website

  1. Go to the hosting site let, suppose  and sing up for free.
  2. Search domain name for your website and select one of them of your choice.
  3. Place the order by making payment through Visa Card, PayPal, Master card or other depending on the site policy.
  4. Buy the hosting. In start try to choose cheapest plan because in early days of your site there are not lot of visitors so shared plan or any other cheaper plan of hosting can bear the traffic easily.

After that install WordPress and start writing articles or make website for selling products by using Woocommerce theme .

1. Google Adsense (Pay per Click advertisement)

Google Adsense is a network of advertisement which take the ads from relevant companies or other websites to run on your website or blog and in the reward you are get paid for each click on the ad that is shown on your site. This is very easy way of earning by using website. Each time a visitor click the ad on your website some money is added to your account which is known as CPC(Cost per click). CPC rate is minimum as $0.05 to $5. Today sign up for Google Adsense and they will review your blog or website and if it is feasible to give you ads then your account will approve in 6-8 hours. They will provide a code of add which you have to show on your website in your desired position.

2. Earning from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another interesting way to make money from your website. It is an arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website owner for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Its mean you have to sell other online website products and show their ads on your website. When a visitor go to their website to purchase a product through your given link you get a commission, reaching from 20%-70%. You recommend a service or product to your visitors by using special tracking links. A real life example can be that when you recommend to your friend a bank for making an account when he do this you get a gift card or bonus of some sort as a reward. You can promote many product of different big companies like Amazon, Daraz, ShareAsale etc.

3. Sell Online courses to make money from website

If you have some good skills in a specific field so you can easily make courses, lessons to sell them and make money from website. Let suppose you are a good graphic designer, so make video tutorial for learning graphic designing course and try to teach your viewer something special and make videos on chapter wise. You can also offer personalize support for your course. Some course selling websites make their courses of two version

  1. A basic version without support
  2. A premium with email support.

You can also include additional downloading material, slides, checklist, templates etc for attracting your audience and easily convincing them to your course.

4. Create WordPress websites for selling purpose

This is the very easy way you can make money from website. As now you can make WordPress site so make a good domain site. In the beginning try to create good content of post in top trending niche. Make SEO friendly post like a good use of keywords. This will attract your visitors and organic traffic will increases. Fully prepared with no post website cost is very much less then a website with some posts.There are lots of people want to purchase fully prepared site and if you have a good visitor to your site per day this will be the plus point for you. Sell your website on different platforms like Fiverr , Upwork ,freelancer. If you created a website and made some post with good keywords mention in your gig and try to sell it in higher price than without posted site. You can also sell your site on social media by creating a free ad and sharing it in different blogging related groups. In this way people will know that you want to sell your site and they will contact to you.

5. Sell your skills online using your WordPress site

You can also make money form website without showing Google ads. Offer freelance services to your current audience by showing your freelance ads on the side of your website. Now you are expert in writing articles of websites so make a gig for writing website articles if you are using Fiverr. This is the easiest job for you to make money from website by promoting your own freelance services. As we mention above in the tip number 4 i.e make your WordPress websites and sell it. The benefit of this ad is, your audience will trust you that they will see how you can make very good posts and website because they would be inspire from your own site. There is a lot of chance to take the offers from your audience than on Fiverr and Upwork etc. Because on Freelancing platforms like Fiverr you will offer to every single buyer and there is very less chance in getting offer. On the other hand if you have shown your freelance ad visitors automatically contact to you for their work.


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