Top Ranking | 3 Powerful tips to make website #1 today


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the basic method to increase your site traffic. Through organic keywords your site gain the qualitative and quantitative traffic. In this article we will let you know the three most powerful tips to top ranking your site. Organic keyword Organic keyword is word or phrase through which free traffic is attracted toward your site using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For organic search result you really don’t have to pay.

  • Qualitative traffic : Right visitors clicking on your site is quality of traffic. For example when someone site is about cooking but google introduce the site of computer technology, this is not quality of traffic.
  • Quantitative traffic : Number of the right visitors on your site is quantity of traffic.


#1 Focus on one Niche 

Google have updated the hummingbird which is algorithm of google. It ranks the sites having focus on their content. If someone site is about Phones and tablets but it also have the content of making money online, google will not top ranking his site because the site is not focusing on one single niche. If a visitor came to your site, found relevant content and he is satisfied from your suggestions etc then he will definitely prefer your site next time. Because you build trust between your reader and told him from your blog that I am here to satisfy you. They will also search for other blogs on your site and will see what your site can give them more interesting, profitable content which can give them a very good information. For example your website is about online dating and your article is talking about “Five ways you can land your dream day”, in this article you have wrote that “go to, sign up and you will find a match after creating your profile”. You can not get traffic and bunch of visitors to your site. But if you write article that break sound

  • How to create profile on
  • How to add videos on
  • How to be funny to find partner easily?
  • How you should respond to people and engage with them?
  • What’s the first thing you should say to your crush?

and then you talk about Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony and related platforms. People feels that this is amazing and they have no more quires after reading this. So poke holes in your content and fill as many as you can. Your visitors should be like this is the end of the site which can help us in online dating.

#2 Optimize title tag meta description for top ranking

Title tags specifies the title of articles.It is the clickable text to approach specific content on web page. Meta description is the short description about the article below the title tag.

How you can optimize title tag and meta description for top ranking?

The most effective way to use title tag and meta description for top ranking is

  • Use the Keyword in the title on which you have to top rank your article.
  •  Try to make short title for blogs and articles.
  • Use most attractive words for title. For example your article is about a specific feature of mobile like samsung galaxy S9 you should use the title just like
    • Most significant feature of galaxy S9
    • Unbelievable feature of galaxy S9
  • Also use keyword in meta description but in little bit different way. Like it should have different text from title tag which shortly tell about article and keyword.
  • Do not use keywords more than once in meta description or title tag.
  • Use phrases in meta description instead sentences with commas.
  • Chose good and very sensible words in meta description because the visitor read your meta description to understand the title tag and content of your article.

#3 Use Google search console

Google gives you tool to rank your site number one on google. Google search console helps you to maintain and monitor your site’s presence on google search result. When you sign up for google search console and attach to your site give it some time to populate your site data and analyze it. It shows all the pages on your site that are getting traffic. It also shows which keyword is getting more traffic and which article is getting more impression. Impression means when some just see your article on google page but he did not click yet. The best part is it tells you which keyword people type to reach your article. By knowing that keywords you should add to your article in update to gain more traffic and see your site in the list of top ranking sites. You can see the click through rate (CTR) i.e how many people which see your article clicking on it. Minimum 5% or more CTR is consider good for your site. when you see the keywords which are getting impression and clicks copy them and paste in your article to attract more people toward your site and get your site in top ranking.


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